TMX Elmo

Way to go America.
First, we have Fisher-Price who creates a toy in short supply knowing full well of what the demand will be.
Second, we have those who  buy up the supply and try to resell it 3x or more of its original cost of 40.00.
A perfect example of "The Great American Way".
This is why the rest of the world hates us so much. 
It’s why we hate ourselves.


The dining room is done!  It looks fantastic; just like a pro.  I only had two minor injuries as previously noted.. the concussion and my thumb.  I expected so many more.  I’m getting good when it comes to home improvement.

Family shoots cat….

This is a sick, murderous, event that never should have happened.  These people should never be allowed to have any kind of animals or pets again.  This is a perfect example of "free to a good home" going bad.
Family shoots cat after attack leaves toddler with stitches

BEAUMONT, Alta. (CP) — Margo Dawson says her family had no choice but to shoot a cat that was "hissing and growling" after another feline in the house attacked her 16-month-old granddaughter.

"The cat just jumped on top of her head and wouldn’t let go," Dawson said Thursday. "I screamed and kicked the cat in the butt to get it away.

"Emma was hysterical. She had cuts on her ears and the back of her head."

The girl needed six stitches to close scratches on her head, Dawson said.

She said the cat "got spooked" and broke into a crazed run throughout the house before jumping on the toddler.

"Emma was defenceless. The blood was just gushing."

The cat that attacked Emma ran away and hid before the family could shoot her, said Dawson. But another cat in the house was "hissing and growling," so the family decided to shoot it.

It was not clear whether the attacking cat was found after it ran off.

The two felines were among five cats Dawson’s family took into their home south of Edmonton about two weeks ago after responding to an ad offering them free to a good home.

The Alberta SPCA says there’s no law that prevents owners from shooting their own animals provided it’s done humanely.


I’ve now started putting down the wood floor.  It will be a plank style, old fashioned wood floor once I’m done.
That is if it comes out right….
I’m taking my time determined to do it right,  with minimal injuries inflicted.
The list of injuries consist of a minor concussion and a sliced thumb.  Since I’m familiar with my carpentry skills, I’m sure there will be more.
At this point, three planks are down that make up two feet in a 15 ft wide room.  There is still a ways to go.
I’m giving myself to early April to get this completed.  Wish me luck!

Useful toy

My PDA has become my favorite new toy.  I’ve discovered many uses for it, but one stands out the most.  I found this interesting little website that sells ebooks…. sounds harmless enough….some of these are not "books" you’d want to be seen reading.  Now I can download these…fun, harmless,…. ebooks into my PDA and no one knows otherwise.  I can now read what I want, when I want, and all on the privacy of my PDA. 

Secret Admirer

I got quite the surprise yesterday when I arrived at work.  There on my desk was a gift and a card.  It was from a secret admirer. This admirer is  someone who knows me quite well due to the nature of the gift. Time to ponder the possiblities………

Winter wash

I have been waiting all winter for the opportunity to slip on my snowshoes and head to the woods.
The only problem is we have had above average… make that record setting… temperatures.
We had limited snow in November, December mostly rain/snow mix, and January was a heat wave.
February is about over.  Still no snow in site… we did manage to hit zero….Soon it will be March.
I still hold out hope that a storm will come producing enough snow for a nice winter hike, but if this weather pattern continues we’ll be having summer by the end of March.