Useful toy

My PDA has become my favorite new toy.  I’ve discovered many uses for it, but one stands out the most.  I found this interesting little website that sells ebooks…. sounds harmless enough….some of these are not "books" you’d want to be seen reading.  Now I can download these…fun, harmless,…. ebooks into my PDA and no one knows otherwise.  I can now read what I want, when I want, and all on the privacy of my PDA. 

Secret Admirer

I got quite the surprise yesterday when I arrived at work.  There on my desk was a gift and a card.  It was from a secret admirer. This admirer is  someone who knows me quite well due to the nature of the gift. Time to ponder the possiblities………


In the process of remodeling my dining room,  I managed to give myself a minor concussion.
I was moving an awkward cabint when the top shelf fell out and hit me in the forehead.
After a few seconds the pain set in;  I still have the welt to show for it.
It’s said remodeling has its rewards.  I find that debatable.